At St. Boniface, we are fortunate to have a talented group of professional and volunteer musicians enhancing our services!

Music at Saint Boniface serves a two-fold purpose: the glorification of God and the enrichment of those who attend services and musical programs. The role of the choir is to support the congregational singing at the 10 am Sunday service and to sing weekly anthems drawn from a variety of styles and traditions. New members are always welcome!

As a form of outreach to the community, St. Boniface provides four yearly choral scholarships for individuals showing an aptitude and interest in choral music. It is a great educational opportunity for young musicians to participate in a choir that performs music of the Anglican tradition on a weekly basis; additionally, our section leaders function as a quartet during the summer months and continue to lead and enrich our music year-round.

 Our choral season begins on the second Sunday of September and ends on Pentecost of the following year, with weekly Wednesday evening rehearsals. A Choral Eucharist is also celebrated on Christmas Eve and Ash Wednesday. In addition to the major services of Holy Week, the St. Boniface choir sings Compline services as scheduled and participates in parish and community events throughout the year. 

 Interested in learning more? Please contact our music director Cindy Wilmeth at or 262.332.0399