Mequon Preschool

Mequon Preschool warmly welcomes you and your child! For more than 40 years, Mequon Preschool has provided top-notch early childhood experiences for our young students. Age-appropriate enrichment activities allow your child to grow, learn, and flourish. We invite you to call for more information or better yet, stop in!

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Daily Schedules

Children experience a variety of activities…no two days are the same! We stimulate intellectual curiosity, encourage social development, and promote independence. Read more about our daily schedules here.

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Our Staff

Our teachers love their jobs…and your child! Our college-educated teachers are state licensed, certified in CPR & AED, and take continuing education classes. Read the profiles of our wonderful teachers here.

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Our classrooms are designed for learning, growing, and moving! We encourage children to explore their surroundings and provide innovative ways for them to learn, be it through hearing, touch, site, smell, or taste. Learn about some of our exploration activities here.

Every day has its own special kind of fun!